Thursday, August 16, 2007

Christina Aguilera Sings A Standard - Song For You

Although it certainly didn't go unnoticed with a 2005 Grammy Nomination, Herbie Hancock's collaboration with Christina Aguilera on Leon Russell's "Song For You" showed off the incredible range and control Aguilera has in a way never seen before.

The song was only performed three times live, each time for a TV audience. While the Grammy night live performance went well over the top with Aguilera's vocal gymnastics, this earlier video from "The Tonight Show" shows what Aguilera can do with the right material and musicians. Herbie Hancock remains the greatest counterpoint pianist in the history of jazz, and his talent is on full display here in helping Aguilera find her way in a musical genre unknown to her prior.

Christina Aguilera & Herbie Hancock - Song For You

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