Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Best Working Fusion Band On The Planet

After seeing these guys off and on over the last two years, I'm now convinced the Scott Kinsey Group, in its various forms, is the best regularly working fusion band on the planet.

Kinsey, lead keyboardist for Tribal Tech, released his own solo CD, "Kinesthetics", in 2006 to generally rave reviews. And the CD doesn't really do justice to what these guys do live.

The group comes in two basic versions, one with guitarist Scott Henderson as the co-leader, the second with sax/EWI/flute master Steve Tavaglione. Jimmy Earl from The Jimmy Kimmel Show is on bass, with Gary Novak on drums. The parts change from time to time depending on who has other gigs going, but the bottom line is that these guys simply play their asses off, night after night, no matter who's there. The tune below, "2Fast", is called "2Hard" by Earl, who is tasked with playing a bass line at a tempo another bass virtuoso calls simply..."vicious".

Kinsey is poised as the only real heir apparent to Joe Zawinul, and is beginning to work a few classic Weather Report tunes into his repertoire. We can also only hope more of the Tribal Tech library is resurrected into this band. Regardless, a chance to hear these guys is one that should not be missed. Period.

Scott Kinsey Group - "2Fast" - At Joe Zawinul's Birdland, February 2006, with Matt Garrison on bass.

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