Friday, September 22, 2006

George Benson & John McLaughlin

George doing the Miles Davis standard "All Blues"...I ran into George on a plane between Orlando and Phoenix about ten years ago, and we have talked on occasion since. A very smart businessman on top of being a great talent. Since people heard him do pop stuff like "Breezin", they often never knew what a great player he was. I also produced an interview with him in Orlando in the early 80's for a television program and the soundcheck video we shot was some of the hottest Benson I ever saw anywhere...was I think with a 17-piece band at the Tupperware Center in Kissimmee. Maybe it'll make it to the Web someday. The second part of this clip is John McLaughlin doing "In A Silent Way", another great Miles tune, with another Miles tune after with Dennis Chambers and Ray Cooper.

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